tirsdag, december 09, 2003


UK: Jewish anti-war activists and the STWC (Stop the War Coalition)
- Solidarity 3/41
Jews and Arabs together tear down part of Separation Fence
- Gush Shalom, 10 November 2003
Tel Aviv - 100,000 say: Get Israel out of the Occupied Territories!
- Alliance for Workers' Liberty, Solidarity 3/40
Two states for two peoples
- News & Letters Editorial, November 2003
The Life and Death of Socialist Zionism
- Jason Schulman, New Politics, no. 35, Summer 2003
Palestine-Israel: One state, two states?
- Murray Smith, Frontline 7-2002
The political failure of the PLO and the origins of Hamas
- Jean Shaoul, World Socialist Website 5.7.2002
The Prophet and the demoralised opportunists
- Sean Matgamna, Solidarity 3/9
From Victim to Shylock and Oppressor:
The New Image of the Jew in the Trotskyist Movement

- Werner Cohn 1991
Marx and the Economic-Jew Stereotype
- Hal Draper 1977
Venstrefløjen og kvindebevægelsen i Israel og Palæstina
- Inge Kongsgård Hansen, Julie Høyer og Alfred Lang, April 2002, www.modkraft.dk

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